Wednesday, September 1, 2010

the ups and the downs

One of the most frustrating things about making such a big move are the ups and downs involved. There are times when I feel pure gratitude for this new adventure and the potential that is on the horizon. There are other times when I just feel a frustration similar to the feeling of stubbing your toe or hitting your head. As independent as I am, I derive joy and often peace from interactions with others. Thus, when I'm in the thick of feeling like I can't connect to anyone it is sooo frustrating!

A minor example: today at an orientation event there was a table with tubs of potato salad right next to the water coolers. A woman was manning the table. I took a cup and instead of pouring water into it, I mimed spooning potato salad into it. i don't know why i did that... her response was, 'excuse me?' I know that I was the strange one in that case... However, the awkward level produced is what i've been experiencing in normal conversation constantly. I guess I just need more time and patience.

The ups are very satisfying. Last night Rachel and I went to Iron Springs brewery and heard a jazz flutist. He was pretty hilarious... talented at both jazz flute and unique dancing. Rachel and I talked about how jazz is such a great thing to hear live because you can't play jazz without totally giving yourself to the music. Jazz flute and dark beer... you can't ask for much more!

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