Friday, September 10, 2010

wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles - a short story

This past Monday, as I lay me down to sleep... I put on Patty Griffin, for my soul to keep. I set my beautiful little MacBook Pro (which I spent a lot of time and money buying) next to my bed, and set myself up with some water (which can always be found on my nightstand). As I stretched to reach over and switch off the lamp beyond, I sent that tall drink of water a-spilling onto the floor. It fell as a stream onto the rug, with its farthest fingers reaching the keyboard of my singing laptop. The laptop stopped singing.

I'll spare you from the graphic and unattractive details of my panic. To explain it in a way that it did not happen; I gracefully jumped out of bed and flipped my laptop over, so that the water could come out the way that it had gotten in. Long story short: I have had my laptop drying out, closed on a bed of rice, under a box, under my desk for the past 72 hours. I didn't have hopes of this computer coming back on, but I did have hopes of retrieving as much material off of it as possible.

Last night, bracing myself against the inevitable loss of an expensive piece of computer, I pressed its power belly-button. And... wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles... It worked! It yawned from its nap with a chorus-like sound, and acted as if nothing had happened.

Apple gods, God, and rice: I don't know what you did, but I like it.

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  1. You blog's name is a Weepies song? and on top of that my favorite weepies song?! awesome. this same thing happened to jon pfaff. did you take the battery out too? anyway, his came back on as well. very cool!