Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bald Hill

I found a little friend.

A few pictures from my hike up Bald Hill yesterday.
When I reached the top, from which I could see San Francisco... Berkeley and all of Marin County, I read from Henri Nouwen's 'The Inner Voice of Love.'
That's not true. I took a nap. Then I read.

Nouwen's book is different because it isn't one that you read from cover to cover, but rather from entry to entry, day to day. The entry that I read yesterday was entitled 'Bring your body home' and discussed the unity between spirit and body. He explains that the body shouldn't be seen as something that needs to be conquered but integrated and unified.

After hiking for an hour up this "hill" I was very aware of my body. I wasn't sure if it was Bald Hill that I was trying to conquer as much as my upper thigh muscles. Bald Hill presented the perfect opportunity to practice this way of living... and for taking in the amazing realization that this is my back yard.

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