Tuesday, August 31, 2010

orientation participation and birthday celebration

This week began orientation, which i was convinced would be informative and momentum-building if i actually participated (which i failed to do in college). However... the stories are true; orientation is boring and mostly makes me a little bit more confused about the processes here. On the other hand, classes will seem an even more exciting beginning next week.

A very positive aspect of today was that it was Talitha's birthday, who was out of the house all day.
So, Rachel (my other 1st year trinity house buddy) and I got to prepare special things for Talitha's return at 10pm tonight! A shrine was built and an amazing chocolate caked baked from scratch! Something about the trinity house kitchen makes from-scratch-experiments come out beautifully!

the shrine - equipped with birthday poetry
A second positive aspect of the day was going to the neighboring town of Fairfax, CA. I think I may have found my true utopia. The job hunting may begin... I can bike here in 15 minutes, work at a beautiful organic grocery store and get a discount on food. Objections?!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Oh, for love of Ms. Brown

This familiar and smiling face was so welcomed yesterday. Sarah moved to SF a month ago with her lovely girlfriend Suzannah. I got to spend the day with her. We took a long walk and happened upon interesting graffiti, a block party, mission buildings and the Castro - We also found a gem of a bakery called Thorough Bread and Pastry.
"Oh for love of Miss Brown
I do it all for the love of Miss Brown"

grazers in Delores Park

Thorough Bread and Pastry

The oldest Mission

SF's version of grafitti

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Trinity House

my room and bathroom at Trinity House

UPS came through and delivered all of my boxes the last couple of days, allowing me to fully settle in. Now I have a personalized space for myself, something I find incredibly important come class time. Shipping tip: empty out the whole punch before shipping it. Or pretend it's snow in California.

Friends from home have been especially helpful to me these last few days. Between reminding me that transitions take time... to sending me popular recipes for baked goods that can win new friends... the age of communication doesn't seem so unnecessary now. When discussing how difficult it is for me to separate (in miles) from the people that I love, Neens reminded me that I'll need these experiences to bring back to the people that I love and maybe more so, a future congregation. Sarah H.R. pointed out to me that now my precious community is a 'community that is stretched over distances'.
Dear community, thank you for being willing to stretch over distances for me.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Farmer's Market!

This morning, I got to enjoy a farmer's market in San Rafael. Apparently our house goes to this every Thursday morning to pick up a box of vegetables and fruits, etc. It was a great way to respond to a friend's post that i read yesterday about knowing where your food comes from. I think i might've looked like a farmer's market tourist taking these pictures but... well, that's what i was.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

San Anselmo

Today I went for a walk to explore the downtown of San Anselmo. I found a lovely little park, the bridge to which is pictured below. I love becoming acquainted with the area where i'm living. I purposely walked along streets where I didn't walk yesterday to find out where they end up! It's hard to get lost. SFTS sits on a hill at the end of town, so if you walk in that direction you can't wander too far.
My only problem is this: I love independent businesses. I attribute this value to the wonderful experience of working for my favorite independent business owner; Maria Luisa Whittingham. As a seminary student though... the desire to purchase something from every great business that i enter presents a problem... well, today's just one day, right? ; )
My walk ended up at a labyrinth close to Trinity House. (Not to be confused with the classic film Labyrinth or the kind where you get lost and have to find your way out). This is more of a meditative labyrinth. I love them because they can be on such a small plot of land, yet you take time to weave your way through to the center. There are many mantras that you can focus on to aid in your meditation. I think google maps should have a labyrinth finder... locate a labyrinth near you.

the center of today's labyrinth

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

are you going to San Francisco

This blog is intended to be a channel between me and all of the very significant people to me that I've left on the east coast. I've never been very into blogging... but I have been into staying connected. So, that's my intention.
I arrived in SF yesterday at 10:30 am, after a 6 hour plane ride that made it necessary to wake up at 4 am. There was nothing more appeasing than this view immediately after that journey.
I left Nyack with a lot of anxiety about leaving such a secure life for a life to which i'm unacquainted. I may have taken my tension out (mentally) on the girl sitting behind me on the plane, pushing her knees against my seat. She was older than i am.... (and wearing TOMS!) Yet, I can't deny the gut feeling that each awkward move that I make towards SFTS is the right move. And so my transition here is made with a longing eye on the life that i left with my friends and family in Nyack.
While waiting for Talitha (a new housemate) to pick me up, I watched a man try to push a loaded dolly. The dolly was stacked with suitcases, topped with a doggy carrier. As he descended a ramp, the suitcases tumbled... including the doggy carrier? Who stacks a dog?! व्हओ?!

This is Trinity House. The largest house I will ever live in. It's gorgeous inside! Huge rooms, common spaces etc. A picture of my room will have to wait until my 10 boxes arrive from UPS. Don't fail me now UPS men... we've been friends.