Tuesday, August 31, 2010

orientation participation and birthday celebration

This week began orientation, which i was convinced would be informative and momentum-building if i actually participated (which i failed to do in college). However... the stories are true; orientation is boring and mostly makes me a little bit more confused about the processes here. On the other hand, classes will seem an even more exciting beginning next week.

A very positive aspect of today was that it was Talitha's birthday, who was out of the house all day.
So, Rachel (my other 1st year trinity house buddy) and I got to prepare special things for Talitha's return at 10pm tonight! A shrine was built and an amazing chocolate caked baked from scratch! Something about the trinity house kitchen makes from-scratch-experiments come out beautifully!

the shrine - equipped with birthday poetry
A second positive aspect of the day was going to the neighboring town of Fairfax, CA. I think I may have found my true utopia. The job hunting may begin... I can bike here in 15 minutes, work at a beautiful organic grocery store and get a discount on food. Objections?!

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  1. That sounds amazing (the job, the chocolate cake...)