Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New Jobs!

I recently found out that I landed a job at a really cute store in San Anselmo called Kismet! Every time I've passed the store window I've enjoyed picking which outfit I lusted after the most. Of course, being pretty much jobless and therefore without much of an income, those outfits went to some other appreciator!
I look forward to joining their "superior customer service" team and applying what I learned during my many fantastic years at Maria Luisa. I also very much look forward to the many customers who will turn into friends, as did Nancy, Betsy, and Tara.

This next school year, I'll also be working as a worship assistant on SFTS' campus. I will be part of a 4 student team that will plan all of the chapels that happen here 4 times a week. I'm so excited! This will be a great opportunity to get experience planning worship and working with a team.

It was a bit of a wait to have things fall into place, but I now will have two great jobs that will help me to grow in many ways that I hope to!