Tuesday, August 24, 2010

are you going to San Francisco

This blog is intended to be a channel between me and all of the very significant people to me that I've left on the east coast. I've never been very into blogging... but I have been into staying connected. So, that's my intention.
I arrived in SF yesterday at 10:30 am, after a 6 hour plane ride that made it necessary to wake up at 4 am. There was nothing more appeasing than this view immediately after that journey.
I left Nyack with a lot of anxiety about leaving such a secure life for a life to which i'm unacquainted. I may have taken my tension out (mentally) on the girl sitting behind me on the plane, pushing her knees against my seat. She was older than i am.... (and wearing TOMS!) Yet, I can't deny the gut feeling that each awkward move that I make towards SFTS is the right move. And so my transition here is made with a longing eye on the life that i left with my friends and family in Nyack.
While waiting for Talitha (a new housemate) to pick me up, I watched a man try to push a loaded dolly. The dolly was stacked with suitcases, topped with a doggy carrier. As he descended a ramp, the suitcases tumbled... including the doggy carrier? Who stacks a dog?! व्हओ?!

This is Trinity House. The largest house I will ever live in. It's gorgeous inside! Huge rooms, common spaces etc. A picture of my room will have to wait until my 10 boxes arrive from UPS. Don't fail me now UPS men... we've been friends.


  1. dude, glad to hear everything is stacked incorrectly over there. Unfortunately, it also seems as though everything is extremely beautiful and amazing, sorry.


  2. your sarcasm is so consistent ryan!

  3. It's great to see at least a bit of the house. How about taking pictures of some of the other interior spaces, even if not all decorated? Does any gardening seem to be going on? Does the seminary take care of the grounds?
    It looks like you can walk out your front door and down the block to the Marin County Playhouse - a community place - yes? I wonder if they have student rates for things or free if you seat people or something - a little culture on the cheap. Mom

  4. your house looks awesome and the town/park look so cute!! I can't wait to talk to you and hear more and hear first impressions!!!! miss you and soooo excited that you are finally there and settling in and exploring yay!!