Wednesday, August 25, 2010

San Anselmo

Today I went for a walk to explore the downtown of San Anselmo. I found a lovely little park, the bridge to which is pictured below. I love becoming acquainted with the area where i'm living. I purposely walked along streets where I didn't walk yesterday to find out where they end up! It's hard to get lost. SFTS sits on a hill at the end of town, so if you walk in that direction you can't wander too far.
My only problem is this: I love independent businesses. I attribute this value to the wonderful experience of working for my favorite independent business owner; Maria Luisa Whittingham. As a seminary student though... the desire to purchase something from every great business that i enter presents a problem... well, today's just one day, right? ; )
My walk ended up at a labyrinth close to Trinity House. (Not to be confused with the classic film Labyrinth or the kind where you get lost and have to find your way out). This is more of a meditative labyrinth. I love them because they can be on such a small plot of land, yet you take time to weave your way through to the center. There are many mantras that you can focus on to aid in your meditation. I think google maps should have a labyrinth finder... locate a labyrinth near you.

the center of today's labyrinth

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  1. Cool! I was going to suggest you wander around San Anselmo today - you must have read my mind.