Saturday, August 28, 2010

Trinity House

my room and bathroom at Trinity House

UPS came through and delivered all of my boxes the last couple of days, allowing me to fully settle in. Now I have a personalized space for myself, something I find incredibly important come class time. Shipping tip: empty out the whole punch before shipping it. Or pretend it's snow in California.

Friends from home have been especially helpful to me these last few days. Between reminding me that transitions take time... to sending me popular recipes for baked goods that can win new friends... the age of communication doesn't seem so unnecessary now. When discussing how difficult it is for me to separate (in miles) from the people that I love, Neens reminded me that I'll need these experiences to bring back to the people that I love and maybe more so, a future congregation. Sarah H.R. pointed out to me that now my precious community is a 'community that is stretched over distances'.
Dear community, thank you for being willing to stretch over distances for me.