Friday, October 29, 2010

at rodeo beach

It takes 5 minutes for the sun to drop below the horizon at Rodeo Beach.

I've had a week off from classes this past week and have only now realized just how needed it was. It's been a week of resting, reading and relating. I've spent two days in the city, one day in wine country, an afternoon on a mountain and an evening at the beach. I had begun to feel like my world at seminary was getting small, until I experienced the many different worlds within a 20 minute drive.

Not every detail has fit together perfectly in this new life of mine. I've had my moments... sometimes hours of frustration or loneliness. Yet, I've been given time here. I have time to take care of myself and find the last missing pieces of healing that I didn't know could be found. Pieces that sometimes come in the form of fresh air and open space.

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  1. amazing views. I am jealous of your visit to wine country. while its probably individualistic, if you have any tips for this rest, share. :)