Friday, October 8, 2010

Flight of Poets

Pairing six local poets with six local wines.

A friend invited me to his poetry reading at the Hotel Rex. Matthew Seigel is a Stegner Fellow at Stanford University, and moved to San Francsico from NY (hence the connection).

This was my first poetry reading, and was probably the best one that I could have begun with! Flight of Poets was a reading featuring six wonderful poets. For each poet, an "internationally renowned" sommelier (who had a notable stage presence) paired the local poets with six local wines. You were given a wine glass at the door and as each poet read you sipped on a wine chosen specifically to be consumed during the auditory consumption of their poetry. Fantastic.

In addition to the amazing works of my friend (who was the draw in the first place - please check out his website and enjoy it), some favorite lines included...

"my wife loves me as a neighbor"
- Paul Hoover

"I cannot tell anymore when a door opens or closes,
I can only hear the frame saying, Walk through."
- Ada Limon

"is it vanity that makes me see the imperfections in the glass?"
- Robin Ekiss


  1. here is a clip, if anyone is interested!

  2. That sounds awesome. So many more sensory things like this schould be combined. Music and reading, eating and art....