Tuesday, June 5, 2012

At the Ranch

Well, I'm here at Ghost Ranch in NM. It's been two days, and has felt like a week! The days are packed so full I can barely remember what I did this morning.

Things to know: I have very limited cell service so texts are easiest! I only have internet in one building on the Ranch so I will try to update about once a week.
My address here is:
Marissa Danney
Ghost Ranch
HC 77 Box 11
Abiquiu, NM

I would love to receive notes from you, I will save them and make a mosaic of mail on my wall! This helps me to feel connected to you. :)

Now... for the landscape!

Ghost Ranch is pretty high up in terms of altitude, so at this point I'm still getting acclimated. Lots of water and I'm jonesing for some Vitamin C!

More to come as I discover what my chaplain's life is like.

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