Thursday, May 24, 2012

You know you're homesick when...

... you're planning a little overnight adventure somewhere that you've never been before. You start making a list of things that you'd like to experience... a small town, removed from where you currently are, nice restaurants, nature, live music, water. Suddenly you realize.... you're describing your hometown of Nyack, NY. Oh dear.

Ok, we're not talking about you, we're talking about me.
I did this.

The good news is that there are other awesome places besides Nyack, and one of them is Jenner, CA. It may not have had all of the things listed above, but it had some things that Nyack does not have. Like the Jenner Inn. Or, the russian river meeting the ocean... swallows and humming birds all over the place... crazy looking flowers... I'll just tell the story in pictures:

 And in the end, it was all A-OK.

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