Monday, October 28, 2013

The Woman

Unshakably strong
Deeply feeling

She is a visionary
She weeps with her loss
       and lifts her head with her remaining strength
              to greet the next blessing

She explores and she learns
She relearns and relearns

She is fierce in her loving
She is brave in her vulnerability

She is pragmatic and
                           wildly creative

She delights in the beauty of a moment
                    and leans into momentary change

She is water
She is chaotic and powerful
She is gentle and playful
 She moves with grace and
                   fills in every crevice 
She changes the landscape
She is still as a pond

She holds life and creates possibility

She lives with rock and earth
and plant
and animal
       always grateful for their different way

She springs forth
            and finds her end
                                  in God

-Marissa Danney

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