Monday, October 24, 2011

State Your Claim

When I used to babysit for a little girl named Heather, we would take long walks to the park. These walks took us through the main street of town, where we would inevitably pass by shop windows. We made a little game of choosing which outfits were our favorites.

Don't worry, I think this was the only gender stereotype that I encouraged... I hope.

The point is, I've always seen getting dressed as an opportunity for artistic self-expression. You wear your mood and expectation for the day on your body. Maybe you feel like being really cozy, so you layer up until you are well bundled. I hope that was a very cuddly day. Maybe you feel like doing something differently, so you dress out of your norm. I hope that was a day of breaking out of norms. The way you look can be an extension of your inner self, which is entirely up to you and no one else.

Since working in retail, that sense of artistic expression has morphed a bit into creating eye catching window displays. At ML Gifts & Accessories, that meant creating a colorful retro Holiday display:

At Kismet, which is more clothing oriented and has slightly smaller windows, this has meant focusing on dressing mannequins (yea, that's how you spell it!):

Which is your favorite? I think mine is the one with the red scarf/white t-shirt combo because I forgot about it until making this post.

1 comment:

  1. my favorite is.....the blue dress window.
    And i like the first one because i like the outfit with the cream sweater and seems comfty to me:)

    (But I must say....I love the ML windows....LOVE love love.)