Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Linnea Joy and her Fabulous Photos

This summer I found myself overjoyed with the visit of Linnea Joy Davis to sunny (or should we say foggy?) California.

A little background on our friendship:
Linnea's family moved to New York when we were in 3rd grade. I have memories of a very sweet friend, playing with Barbies, and a little incident with a pencil (did you steal it, Linnea?)

After that school year, Linnea's family moved back to Africa. For years, whenever I passed by their old house, I would wonder, "When will Linnea come back?"

Cut to 8th grade homeroom, the first day of school. The teacher is doing roll call when I hear, "Linnea Davis." I turned around to find a beautiful and grown up version of my 3rd grade friend sitting behind me! Reunited! At last!

During that year and through out high school, Linnea and I grew closer and developed our best-friendship. It's been 6 years since we graduated from high school, and it's been letters, phone calls and wonderful visits like this one that have allowed us to continue this time tested friendship.

Thanks to her amazing photography skills, we have professional documentation of our Summer 2011 - California visit!

Point Reyes Beach

Wine tasting in Sonoma

Together again!
Alcatraz Island

See more of Linnea's work on her website.

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